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Who will become the 2 first "home made" European professionals ?

Following the example of the USA, and thanks to the sponsoring of a rich Chinese company, the EGF (European Go Association) has started a European pro organisation !

The 2 first European professionals will be designated among 16 candidates through 3 tournaments in May and June.

Here is the CV of the 16 candidates:

These candidates have been selected going down the European rating list, among the amateurs younger than 40 ready to try to become a pro. (for the record, here is the list of the invitated players:

Here is the presentation of the selection system:

NB: my guess: Pavol Lisy and Mateusz Surma, who are both very young (18), or maybe Andrei Kravets.

A regret: the best amateur European player, Ilya Shickchine, has declined, as Antti Törmannen and Artem Kachanovski did.

7th round of the European team Championship: Belgium - Slovenia 1-3

Belgium lost against Slovenia, and will have to fight until the very end to avoid relegation into C league.

Complete results here:

Standings after 7 out of the 9 rounds:

Lucas Neirynck wins Belgian Championship 2014

Lucas Neirynck won the Belgian Championship 2014. Detailed results

6th round of the European Team Championship: Belgium - Netherlands 0-4

No miracle: Belgium has been (rather logically according to the rankings) crushed by Netherlands 0-4...

Complete results here:

Standings after 6 out of the 9 rounds:

5th round of the European Team Championship: Belgium - Germany 1-3

Belgium lost, once again with 1-3, this time against Germany. François succeeded in winning his game, but it was not enough...
Belgium is moving slowly to the bottom of the B-league...:-(

Complete results of the round here:

Present standings:

Ilya Chikchine wins 1st internet European baduk championship

Ilya Chikchine (7-d, Rus, 23 years old) won the 1st Internet Baduk Championship with a 7-1 score, ahead of rising star Pavol Lisy (7-d, SK, 18 years old). Pavol (who was the only competitor to have beaten Ilya) made 5-2. So did The reigning European champion, frenchman Fan Hui (2-p), who got the Bronze medail.
Ex multi European champion Alexander Dinerstein (3-p) and young Artem Kachanovski (7-d) follow with 4-3 score...
The constatation that another pro, Catalin Taranu (5-p), ended as penultimate with a 2-5 score prooves the very high level of this tournament !

Complete result here:

Change of playing site of the go club Le Pantin on saturday 15 February

Next saturday (15 February), the go club Le Pantin will meet at l'Eau Chaude/ Het Warm Water, Rue des Renards n°25, 1000 Bxl (between Place du Jeu de Balle and Rue Haute).

Map :
Metro Porte de Hal
Bus 27 & 48
Easy parking Place du Jeu de Balle from 5pm on.

Leuven 2014

François Gonze ( 3D, Louvain-la-Neuve) has won the 24th edition of the Leuven Go Tournament. Gonze won all his games, a good general rehearsel for the upcoming Belgian Championship in March. Second place with 4/5 was for local player Nelis Vets (2D). Kwinten Missiaen (3D), also from Leuven took third place with 3/5. Scoring 4/5 were Steve De Clerq (Antwerp, 6k) and Steven Foulon (Leuven, 12k). There were 22 participants.
Complete results here:

4th round European Team Championship: Belgium - Austria 1-3

Despite another great performance by Lucas, who defeated one of European top player, young Victor Lin, Belgium lost to Austria. Belgium stands now 7th (out of the 10 teams in the B-league)

Complete results here:


PS: note the victory of Ukraine on Russia...4-0 in A-league! (interestingly linked to the present events :-)