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Kim Yoon-Young 4P to visit Belgium

The Korean Baduk association has agreed to send Ms. Kim Yoon-Young 4P to come and visit us for the Brussels tournament.
She will also be present at some club activities, which will be posted shortly as this is a rather last-minute agreement.

For now we can tell you that she will be in Belgium from 23-10 untill 28-10
On Monday she will visit the club of Le Pantin in Brussels for their club-evening.

Lee (Yi) Sedol won historic "jubango" against Gu Li (6-2)

A jubango is a 10 game match between two players. The first player to win six games wins the match.

Two of the world's top Go players, Lee Sedol and Gu Li, played a jubango to decide which of them was the stronger player (and probably thus the present world best player - NDLR).

The most anticipated Go event for decades concluded on September 28, 2014, when Lee Sedol defeated Gu Li in their 8th game of the historic 10 game match.
Game 8 took place in Gu Li’s hometown and finished after 350 thrilling moves, with Lee Sedol winning by 2.5 points…

More info:


For those who are interested, the Dutch federation is hosting a wintercamp in Overasselt.
There will be, among other things, workshops and tournaments.
The camp starts December 27th and ends the 31st.

More info can be found here

35ste Brabantse Go toernooi

For those who are interested; the Go-club from Eindhoven is hosting the 35th edition of their tournament on 15-16 November.
More information can be found here:

Brussels tournament announcement

The 29th Brussels Tournament will take place at De Markten, Spiegelzaal in the city center of Brussels, from 25th to 26th October 2014. Please follow this link for more details.

Online registration

Registred players

1st round of the 5th edition of the European Team Championship: Belgium - Denmark 1-3

Belgium lost the 1st round of the European Team Championship 1-3 against Denmark.

Complete results of the round:

Standing after the 1st round:

9th Korea Prime Minister Cup ("the Korean version of the World Amateur Championship")

WEI Taewoong (Korea) won the 9th edition of the Prime Minister Cup. Second was HU Yuqing (China). Surprinsingly enough, the podium was not completed by the Japanese representative (who ended 4th), but by the competitor from Thailand !
Best European was Dmitry SURIN (Russia) who ended 8th.

"Our guy" was this year Bram Vandenbon (2-d) who scored 3 out of 6. He won against Australia, Peru and Norwegen and lost against Japan, Finland and Netherlands.

Here are the complete results:

7th Gent Go Tournament Results

Here are the results for the 2014 Gent Tournament that took place in July.

The tournament was won by Bram Vandebon(1D), with runner up Dave De Vos(3D) en third place for Kenny Debacq(5k).

The tournament had a total of 15 worthy participants.

Full Results

Go Camp: registration is open !

It is now possible to register (before 03/09, please !) for the annual Go Camp, which is organised by the Belgian Go Federation from 11 to 14/09.

Please read here more about the Go Camp:

We hope to welcome you ! Don't miss this big event in the Belgian Go life !