International Fantastic Film Festival

On 8th April at 6 PM at the Bozar Ciné 1, the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival ( will show "The Divine Move" - a Korean thriller in which the central theme is baduk !

The organisation of the BIFF offer the Belgian Go Federation 20 free places to our members.

Should you be interested to receive a free entrance, you only have to send us an e-mail ( BEFORE 01/04 with your firstname and name.

In "exchange", we would like you to promote (= speak about) the film and the BIFF among your friends, relatives,...(should they play "go"...or not !).
The Belgian Go Federation will animate a stand to present the game and the Federation to the spectators when they come out after the movie

- you have to be member of the Belgian Go Federation to ask a free place
- if we receive more demands than tickets, we will hold a lottery
- of course, please be sure to come when you ask a place !


For those who are interested, the Dutch federation is hosting a wintercamp in Overasselt.
There will be, among other things, workshops and tournaments.
The camp starts December 27th and ends the 31st.

More info can be found here

35ste Brabantse Go toernooi

For those who are interested; the Go-club from Eindhoven is hosting the 35th edition of their tournament on 15-16 November.
More information can be found here:

A new book for learning go

The American Go Foundation just released a new book free for download. It is a complete introduction to the game of go, known as baduk in Korea. The rules are thoroughly explained with lots of examples and exercises to guide the beginner to master the rules.

This is most certainly a nice book to recommend to newcomers in clubs and it could be used as a teaching material. You can download it by following this link : .

C2P - Coup2Pousse

Christopher Annachachibi, a Belgian player from Brussels, just launched a website dedicated to the game of go. He describes it as a "plateforme d’échange de connaissances et d’expériences sur le Go. Commentaires de parties en ligne ou hors ligne."

There is also a nice guide for beginners. Have a look at .

Japan Expo Belgium

The Belgian Go Federation was present at the Japan Expo Belgium on Nov. 4th-6th. It was great, there were many people eager to learn Go, and we distributed about 400 leaflets with Go clubs addresses; we hope to have as many new players!

The place was very noisy and busy; teaching Go is not easy when the players can't even sit and the teacher can't talk louder than the Japanese drums. We invite all interested players to join the nearest club or try KGS to play online. Note: there is a small mistake in the papers, the club organizing lessons for beginners is located in 1083 Ganshoren (not 1038). More info on the clubs page.

Dear new players, don't try to buy hundreds of books to get started. Don't even watch Hikaru again. Just play, play many many games, and you'll become very strong soon. Good luck!

Beginners' Day in Liège

If you want to learn Go or if you've just learned how to play, you might be interested to meet other people who are in your case. That kind of activity will be organised in Liège soon, please doodle here :

Made In Asia


The Belgian Go Federation will be represented at Made In Asia on 12th, 13th and 14th March 2009. During the whole weekend, initiations and demonstrations will be organized in order to make Go more popular.

Find more info on

Go initiation

The Go-club Antwerpen will organize a go initiation at the Spel 2009 the 28 and 29 November.

Place :
Evenementenhal Den Boomgaard
Antwerpsesteenweg 57
B-2520 Broechem (Ranst)

More information

Made In Asia

On the 14-15th of March was standing the "Made in Asia" convention, at Brussels Expo. The BGF had a 27m^2 stand to hold. Only four people had a badge and stayed the both days, but additionnal players (we were maybe 8) came to help them taking care of all the "eager young minds" requesting to learn Go.

On the Saturday : it took half an hour to people to come, then we've quickly been saturated with people, during almost all the day.
On the Sunday : There were a very few less people at the convention, and we were only 5 to ensure the teaching, but the stand remained full most of the time.

Most of people came in couple, had heard about the game thanks to Hikaru no Go. Some were attracted by the magnetic giant goban, and had no idea what game was it.

The mood was relaxed, we have 10 people interested by a "beginner session" to contact. A lot more seemed enthousiastic about the game, and will probably talk about it around, which is a good publicity for the game.

Special thanks to Cedric Declerfayt who brang the gear to the convention, and to Jean-Denis Hennebert who came to bring it back on the Sunday evening.

Daniel French

You can find pictures here.

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