Liège Tournament

2nd Liège Tournament

08/04/2017 - 10:00
09/04/2017 - 18:00

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2nd Liège Tournament

Second Liège Tournament: 8th and 9th April 2017

Tournament format

Four rounds MacMahon without handicap
Timing: 1 hour per player + byo-yomi: 15 stones for 5 minutes
Komi: 6.5
Rules: Japanese
Non-smoking tournament

Registration and entry Fee

Registration (before April 8th) : 10€
Youth and -15 kyu: 10€
Players registering on Saturday morning; Belgian players nonmember of the BGF: + 5€

Payment will be done during the registration on Saturday morning.

For questions please email: Vincent Quoilin v.quoilin 'at' or 0471 478 073

Registration: Please send a email to with your full name, your club and your rating.

Registred players


Games will be played at "Musée Curtius"
Quai de Maestricht 13, 4000 Liège


Prizes for top places are determined by number of points and SOS. Prizes are divided equally if the number of points and the SOS is equal.


10h00 - 10h45 Registration
11h00 - First round
14h00 - Second round
10:30 - Third Round
14:00 - Fourth Round

First Liège Tournament

Registred players

1Thomas Connor3dBELe Pantin
2Vincent Quoilin1kBELiège
3Philippe Tranchida5kBELe Pantin
4Catherine Fricheteau5kBELe Pantin
5Julien Wautelet6kBEAndenne
6John Cassidy7kBELeuven
7Anthony Modica14kBELiège

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Liège Tournament

First Liège Tournament: 16th and 17th April 2016

Information about the tournament

Older Results


Former Winners

Year Winners
2016 Dominique Versyck, 2D
1995 Ruud Wiersma (NL), 3D
1996 Jan Bogaerts, 3D
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